Trick Shots!!!

staci kevin
Stacy thinks to self, "I'd rather be at the race track!" Kevin ponders the complexity of racking....again.....and again....and again.

Nestled mere meters from the metropolis that is Legacy Place in Orlando is a little piece of culture called Trick Shots. Only the finest pool playing and dart-throwing traditions are observed in this 5-Star establishment (as rated by drunk bankers near and far).
There is much more to this fine pool hall than just top-notch pool and spirits, too. It has a state-of-the-art jukebox that lets you download anything you've ever wanted to listen to. Best of all is a first class menu of sandwiches and deep fat fried delights that are guaranteed to make you aware of parts of body you didn't even know existed!

Many were invited but few braved the journey inside. Stacy, Carlos(Orlando Fats), Brian, and John all joined the regulars, Kevin and Paul at one time or another. The rest of the bunch just doesn't know what they were missing!